The second Great Rarity Update is upon us!

Today’s patch has affected the rarity of over 40 different Premium cards.  We have updated the rarity of all cards affected, and attempted to properly reflect stat changes in the backend data of the card database.  We also took the opportunity to catch up on the first great rarity update; there are much fewer basic commons in the game than what this database said yesterday.

What this means for all users is that the text on hover on all cards should be correct, but the images may not be.  The new event cards, updated images, both new heroes and the corrections for my inevitable mistakes are forthcoming in the near future.  Thank you all for your patience while we catch up.

Galactic Gardens now blooming

All placeholder images for Galactic Gardens have been replaced with actual images of the cards themselves, for both Plants and Zombies.

This would not have been possible without the aid of SteelViper and Wolf; their tireless Photoshop work carried this site back into its rightful place of aesthetically pleasing functionality.  Thanks also to WizardsRule for capturing the images.

We’re looking at alternative methods for the future to reduce workload; so that the next update is up and running as soon as possible.  For now though, sit back, relax and enjoy the site!  Comment here if you find anything amiss, and happy deckbuilding!

Galactic Gardens Zombies added

Zombie cards as of 1.16.10 are in the database and working in the deck builder.  They are also using placeholder images, like the plants before them, but we’re making great progress on getting the images into the database.  Behold the Astrocado!

If there are any problems with the card stats please let me know in a comment on this post.

The following are known issues:

Spark cost – Need to add the new rarities to the calculator

Placeholder images – Working on it

Current rarities – Waiting for the great rarity update that is rumored to be coming before I tackle that hurdle.

I’ll post again once we’ve got all the placeholder images replaced.  Happy deck crafting!

Galactic Gardens Plants added

Hello everyone.  This is Gearbox.  Last night I added all the Plant cards as of 1.16.10.  They’re using a placeholder image until we can get all the proper images ripped and manipulated and uploaded, but I thought everyone would appreciate having function before form at this point.

I’ll post again when we’ve got the Zombie stats uploaded.  Happy deck crafting!