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The site is currently on-hiatus and is unlikely to be updated in the future. You are welcome to continue to use the site as it is, thanks to everyone who has used the site in the past.

The second Great Rarity Update is upon us!

Today’s patch has affected the rarity of over 40 different Premium cards.  We have updated the rarity of all cards affected, and attempted to properly reflect stat changes in the backend data of the card database.  We also took the opportunity to catch up on the first great rarity update; there are much fewer basic commons in the game than what this database said yesterday.

What this means for all users is that the text on hover on all cards should be correct, but the images may not be.  The new event cards, updated images, both new heroes and the corrections for my inevitable mistakes are forthcoming in the near future.  Thank you all for your patience while we catch up.

Galactic Gardens now blooming

All placeholder images for Galactic Gardens have been replaced with actual images of the cards themselves, for both Plants and Zombies.

This would not have been possible without the aid of SteelViper and Wolf; their tireless Photoshop work carried this site back into its rightful place of aesthetically pleasing functionality.  Thanks also to WizardsRule for capturing the images.

We’re looking at alternative methods for the future to reduce workload; so that the next update is up and running as soon as possible.  For now though, sit back, relax and enjoy the site!  Comment here if you find anything amiss, and happy deckbuilding!

Galactic Gardens Zombies added

Zombie cards as of 1.16.10 are in the database and working in the deck builder.  They are also using placeholder images, like the plants before them, but we’re making great progress on getting the images into the database.  Behold the Astrocado!

If there are any problems with the card stats please let me know in a comment on this post.

The following are known issues:

Spark cost – Need to add the new rarities to the calculator

Placeholder images – Working on it

Current rarities – Waiting for the great rarity update that is rumored to be coming before I tackle that hurdle.

I’ll post again once we’ve got all the placeholder images replaced.  Happy deck crafting!

Galactic Gardens Plants added

Hello everyone.  This is Gearbox.  Last night I added all the Plant cards as of 1.16.10.  They’re using a placeholder image until we can get all the proper images ripped and manipulated and uploaded, but I thought everyone would appreciate having function before form at this point.

I’ll post again when we’ve got the Zombie stats uploaded.  Happy deck crafting!

New Event Cards Added to the Database (Lily of the Valley, Snake Grass, Hippity Hop Gargantuar

Sorry about the delay, but these cards have been added to the database. Thank you to the people who e-mailed me!

New Event Cards Added to Deck Builder

Sorry for the delay, but the newest Event cards have been added to the deck builder. If I’ve missed any cards please let me know.

PvZ: Heroes Meta Snapshot for Early January

Here’s a great look at how the PvZ: Heroes meta is shaping up currently. If you are unfamiliar with Meta Snapshots, the general idea is to give you a sense of which decks are being played most frequently, and also to display which are generally the best decks for ranked play. Thanks to Redeemed who wrote this one up for the PvZ: Heroes Subreddit, and allowed us to re-host it here!

Preamble: I tracked 50 zombie games and 50 plant games to create this meta-snapshot. 50 is a small sample size, but any larger and it would have taken too long and the article might fail to be relevant. Please note that this article only aims to show the most POPULAR decks not necessarily the BEST decks, and it does not claim to be able to evaluate the comparative strength or weaknesses of these decks (I don’t play many of these decks myself). I’m only showing the most popular 6 decks each, because sample sizes start to get really small from the 7th deck onwards.

This meta-snapshot serves two purposes. One is that several newer players have been asking for the meta to learn more about what are some already established strong deck builds, which isn’t surprising since if you only play plants (for e.g.) you have no idea what other plants players are playing. The second reason is for folks who are struggling to rise up in the Diamond / Taco range, and having some data about your most likely opponents may help you to tweak your decks (or change deck completely) to improve your win-rates against these particular matchups.

It is also important to note that this meta-snapshot was taken at Ultimate league, if you’re at Wooden league or Silver league, I’m sure your meta will look considerably different. It is also interesting to note that the Zombie opponent rank variance (I faced opponents as low as Rank 2) is much more inconsistent compared to the Plants (quite clear normal distribution, with median at Rank 41). My conclusion therefore is that there are many more people playing Plants than Zombies, but this also means if you’re a zombie player, you’re more likely to queue into a difficult opponent.

Lastly, metas are expected to change with time. Currently, Festivus is ongoing and is definitely going to shake up the meta a little with folks grinding for tickets or wanting to try out their new cards.

Top 6 Plant Decks

  • 6th – Control Wall Knight (8%)

With access to Nuts and removal, Wall Knight can stall the game till late where Strikethrough minions or big hitters like Cornucopia take over. Mirror Nut is also regaining popularity as a finisher.

Sample Decks: Knightfall47, Akherism, Ravi1989K

  • 5th – Tempo Grass Knuckles (10%)

A relatively broad range of decks, some using buffing of bullseye cards, others relying on pea synergy and some just using buffs. All of them are fairly aggressive, and finishers range from Re-Peat Moss to Bananasaurus Res.

Sample Decks: NotYourBF, Robshon, Guacodile42NA

  • Tied 3rd – Control Solar Flare (12%)

Solar Flare has so much removal that it is not surprising to find the zombie hero all out minions and cards by Turn 10, having to deal with a Cornucopia on the board.

Sample Decks: Hellra, Red Shadow, Gearbox

  • Tied 3rd – Freeze Green Shadow (12%)

Several variants exist, but all of them run freeze cards to gain tempo advantage while Snow Drop and Winter Squash wrecks havoc on the board.

Sample Decks: MasterPvZ, TellMyWife, AndrewChrist

  • 2nd – Aggro Solar Flare (14%)

Perhaps “Pineclone Solar Flare” is a better name. Hopes to create an early board of Mushrooms and Pears then Pineclone you to death.

Sample Decks: TheBeamish

  • 1st – Aggro Captain Combustible (20%)

Whether it is Mushrrom Aggro, Re-Peat Moss or Bananasaurus Rex, you know Captain Combustible will be quick, aggressive and very painful.

Sample Decks: Tryhard, Yulogy, Maozc

Top 6 Zombie Decks

  • Tied 5th – Aggro Impfinity (8%)

Impfinity is best well known for swarming imp decks, but recently more mid-range variants with Sharktronic Sub and Plank Walker have been popular as well.

Sample Decks: Tom C, T1murrr, MasterPvZ

  • Tied 5th – OTK Professor Brainstorm (8%)

For the uninitiated, “OTK” stands for One Turn Kill, and the main gameplan is to teleport in a huge buffed Valkyrie that kills you in one single hit. Several variants exist, but the most consistent appear to be the (very expensive) variant which runs Fireworks Zombie and Barrel of Dreadbeards.

Sample Decks: Tryhard Dog of Justice

  • 4th – Dancers Electric Boogaloo (10%)

While typically Dancer decks are fairly aggressive and hope to use Flamenco Zombie as a finisher, there are decks which curve out later with Gargantaurs.

Sample Decks: TheTDog, Pyg, Gaxeco

  • 3rd – Mid-Range The Smash (12%)

While Pet-based Smashes do exist on ladder, majority of the Smashes are mid-range decks which run Sports minions in the early game, and either play Gargantaurs or Buffs in the late-game.

Sample Decks: Tompy235, Gearbox

  • 2nd – Aggro Super Brainz (16%)

Perhaps “Aggro” is a bit redundant here, since Super Brainz doesn’t run any control decks. There are several different varieties of Aggro Super Brainz, but they are all fairly aggressive decks. Finishers can range from Stealthy Imp to Trickster to Zombot Plank Walker.

Sample Decks: Bogdan Borsch, Vincent_Leroux, Godless

  • 1st – Aggro Professor Brainstorm (18%)

“Aggro” is used loosely here, it’s mainly to distinguish this deck from Valkyrie-OTK decks. This deck usually uses aggressive minions like Chimney Sweep and Science minions synergy to put up an aggressive board. Trickster is the most feared finisher here, but some cheaper decks exist which just run Hail-a-Copter instead.

Sample Decks: Tompy235 , Brainyprof

New Game Feature: Watch Ads Get Free Gems!

If you are strapped for Gems, PvZ: Heroes has added a way for you to gather some by watching advertisements. It appears you can watch three ads in total which will net you ten gems for each ad watched (30 in total). Once the third ad is watched it will lock your ability to view anymore for an undetermined amount of time (I’ll update this with the exact refresh time). Most guesses are around a day, but I haven’t been able to confirm it yet. To take advantage of this, check out the small gem icon on the top right side of your screen!

List of New Cards From the Events System & Feastivus Bundle

Here’s a list of the new cards that were added in the Events System update. You can unlock Jolly Holly via the Feastivus Bundle. Also, you can now craft cards from the Halloween event which were Jack O' LanternStrikethrough When this hurts the Zombie Hero, it gets +1 Strength. and Trick or TreaterWhen you play your first Trick each turn, ConjureTreat. for 1,000 Sparks each.

All of these cards are now in the PvZ Heroes: Deck Builder! Go and make some sweet decks.

Energy Drink Zombie
Jolly Holly
Feastivus Bundle

View more cards after the jump!  Continue reading “List of New Cards From the Events System & Feastivus Bundle”